Kanthal Framed Staple Alien Coil


28 gauge TMka1 Frames

6 ply .4 Ka1 ribbon

36 gauge TMN80 Alien Fuse

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Product Description

The CleanBuilds Kanthal Framed Staple Alien Coil consists of two pieces of 28 gauge Twisted Messes Ka1 frames, 6 ply .4 Ka1 ribbon with a 36 gauge Twisted Messes N-80 alien clapton. Each custom coil comes 5 wraps with a 3mm inner diameter.

Two coils per set. Each order includes Native Wicks Platinum Blend cotton.

Meter reading: .12 ohm dual configuration.

*These coils are intended for use on a range of regulated devices that can fire .10 ohm and higher.

*Prefire will be below .10 ohm so we suggest you install and pulse one coil at a time.


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